Advisory Committees

Advisory Committees


The Board provides oversight over our investments, which can be utilized to fund parish programs. The Board meets quarterly and new members are selected in the spring. Contact the parish Office or Cheryl Macek, Chair at 419.466.8526.

Finance Committee

An advisory group to the pastor that assists him in the administration of the parish goods according to the norms of cannons 1281-1288. Members are appointed by the pastor to ensure that the parish operates with financial integrity and within its financial resources. Contact Dave Lang at the Parish Office.

Pastoral Council

This committee is made up of lay faithful who are members in good standing in the parish. Their role is advisory to the pastor “along with those who share in the pastoral care of the parish in virtue of their office give their help in fostering pastoral activity” (cf. Canon 536). They do this through prayer, gathering information, reflection, evaluation and formulation of pastoral plans that will affect the appropriate ministries for the viability and vitality of the parish community and its services to the People of God. Contact the Parish Office.

St. Vincent de Paul

Each conference serves the needs of the poor within its own parish boundaries. Some ways to become involved in the work of the conference are: taking a turn to answer the Saint Vincent de Paul phone line, stocking the food pantry, sending out Mass notices, working with the Prayer Link, going with another member to visit the home of someone requesting help, holding a collection basket, lending prayer support and attending meetings to offer opinions, support, and friendship. Members choose how often and in what way they would like to serve. Contact the Parish Office.

St. Vincent de Paul - Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

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