Baptism Prep Team

The Team is responsible for instructing parents that are interested in having their child baptized and also learning about Catholic Family Life. Sessions are held the first Monday of every other month at 7:00 pm in the Lourdes Room. Contact the Parish Office.

Elizabeth Ministry

Ministering to the needs of women and their families during childbearing ages, which include birth, miscarriage, adoption, and infertility. Our goal at the present time is to offer spiritual growth programs such as Advent and Lenten retreats. We support pro-life and have been involved in the Mass for the unborn and Roe vs. Wade weekend. Meetings take place monthly in the Lourdes Room. Contact Peggy Babiuch at 419.865.5322.


Being a member of the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) Team is for people interested in helping to teach spiritual formation to those interested in joining the Catholic faith. Sessions are held on Sunday mornings in the Lourdes Room. Contact Marty Charney at 419-865-7252.

Teams of Our Lady

An international movement of married couples whose purposes in the movement and in team life are:
  • Growth in the spiritual life of the couple and family through a program of prayer and study
  • Growth in communication between husband and wife with a developing intimacy through shared prayer and regular in-depth talks
  • A way of life designed to make their Christian faith a daily living experience.
Each team is made up of 5 to 7 couples and a spiritual counselor. The movement does not impose a particular type of spirituality on its members, but teams agree to practice a spiritual direction that includes:
  • Daily individual, couple, and family prayer
  • Regular reading and reflection on sacred scripture
  • A monthly husband and wife discussion of family and spiritual matters
  • An individual “rule of life” for personal improvement
Contact Marty and Sue Charney at 419-865-7252.

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